Evidence & Lessons

The evidence and lessons being captured by Jamii Thabiti are informing policies and processes throughout the country. While the project itself is working in eight counties across Kenya, the lessons being learned have the potential to inform actions throughout the rest of the country. On this page we aim to detail some of the actions we're learning from, across all of the project's thematic areas.

Latest reports

  • Election violence prevention interventions 2017

    The run up to the National election in 2017 has heightened political tensions throughout Kenya. Working responsively with downstream partners, Jamii Thabiti has delivered - and is continuing to deliver - election-violence related activities, in line with the Jamii Thabiti Election Security and Preparedness Strategy.

  • Improving security sector coordination - May 2017

    During the first quarter of 2017, county level security coordination has improved throughout the eight Jamii Thabiti counties, notably due to the work undertaken with the County Security Intelligence Committees (CSICs).

  • Problem-driven iterative adaptation (PDIA) on Jamii Thabiti

    The problem-driven iterative adaptation (PDIA) approach taken to programming by the Jamii Thabiti team is setting precedent and capturing lessons that have a much wider relevance on other development programmes. Read more about the PDIA workshop the Jamii Thabiti team held in June 2017 to capture those lessons here.