National policies & progress

National Police Service Standing Orders

The National Police Service Standing Orders (SSOs) are part of police reforms envisaged in the constitution and the National Police Service Act. The gazetting of the SSOs – in June 2017 – means that the NPS has a new set of revised operational guidelines that are in tune with the provisions of policing laws. The guidelines form part and parcel of every aspect of policing operations and will provide guidance to police officers in their everyday operations. Jamii Thabiti played an integral role in the development of the SSOs, facilitating technical reviews with senior police officers and supporting the development of a roll out plan that will involve training police officers in project-supported police stations on the key provisions of the SSOs. We will publish a link to the SSOs upon their final publication.


Keeping the Promise - End GBV Campaign Handbook

The Keeping the Promise - End Gender Based Violence (GBV) Campaign Duty Bearers' Handbook has been developed by Jamii Thabiti partner, the National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC). The handbook seeks to clarify the roles of the various duty bearers in relation to GBV, in line with the main objective of the national campaign, which is to strengthen the action and accountability of state and non-state actors on their mandate in relation to GBV work. The publication was launched in time for International Women’s Day, on 8 March 2017.


The Pre-Training for County Policing Authorities Manual

The Pre-Training for County Policing Authorities Manual was developed by the Danish Demining Group, a long-term Jamii Thabiti partner that focuses on policing and peacebuilding in Wajir and Mandera counties. The purpose of the manual is to increase the community-based policing and human rights capacity of local authorities while preparing for the establishment of county-level devolved policing institutions in Kenya.

Africa Woman and Child Feature Service awareness booklet

The Africa Woman and Child Feature Service has produced a series of booklets to create awareness and enhance the knowledge of girls in primary and secondary schools on subjects such as child rights, sexual harassment and forms of violence. The books have been designed in a way that engages with children in both lower and upper class primary schools as well as in high school. It is hoped that the booklets will help children to be able to talk to their teachers about issues of harassment and violence that they may face.